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5 Months | Baby Hudson

Guess who is 5 months old! Yes, Miss Hudson (as Milo calls her). I’m sure that all of you mother’s can relate. It feels as if she was just born, and yet I can’t remember life without her – she just fills out our family so perfectly.

At 5 months, she is still quite the happy girl. (She outgrew our plain white onesies so I went with a Washington one this month).
5 Month Old, Baby girl, Husky babyWhen I take her monthly photos, I try to capture those things that mark where she is at right now. For this next photo, which I adore, I enlisted Derek’s help. Hudson loves to be held outwards. My arms are getting rather toned from toting her around like this during the day. But she’s so content hanging out if she’s held like this.
5 Month Old, Baby girl, favorite way to be heldOf course there is the monthly photo with sheepy. And this month, she’s starting to sit on her own. She can’t do it long without support, but she loves working on those core muscles!
5 Month Old, Baby girlAnd at 5 months, Hudson still loves to put things in her mouth, with fingers topping the list. I’m thinking a tooth may be on it’s way by the amount of drool. When her hands aren’t in her mouth, she’s grabbing her toes, and she loves standing (with help, of course)!5 Month Old, Baby girl

Can you believe she will be starting solids in just one month? What will be fun is that her 6 month birthday is on Sawyer’s 3rd birthday! Lots of fun to come, but for now, I’m enjoying my 5 month old baby girl while I can.


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Summer Photo Challenge | Part V

I admit, as I looked at my list from the Summer Photo Challenge prompts, I began to panic a little bit. It is already August, and I still had over 30 left to do!  Where did summer go?! So this week, I ramped it up a bit, and did a little extra planning of how I could capture more of the prompts while capturing the kids every day.

MOVIE INSPIRATION: This prompt had been stuck in the back of my mind since I first read the list. How would I capture this one? I had thrown around the idea of The LEGO Movie as an inspiration as Milo is loving little Legos (his current new favorite set – Service Truck). But that idea didn’t work out very well. It wasn’t until I was searching though Milo’s bins of baby clothes that I found this Mike Wazowski onesie that I had my MOVIE INSPIRATION photo. This one is perfect because Monster’s Inc was the first movie Derek and I went to together.Summer Photo Challenge, Movie Inspiration, MonsterWINDOWSummer Photo Challenge, Window, Girl in windowCALM. I was working to get a ‘window’ photo, but when Milo did this, I knew it was perfect for this prompt. He looks so grown up here. Summer Photo Challenge, Calm, Boy and windowARCHITECTURE. Sawyer has been building her own buildings out of legos. I love how she picks out only the pink, purple and red (and a few orange) blocks to build with. She was so proud when she brought this to me, I just knew I had to capture it for her.Summer Photo Challenge, Architecture, LegoFAVORITE PLACE. This is my cat, Tate. He loves this spot, in the bathroom windowsill. It’s rather strange, but you’ll never get lonely when you visit my bathroom, I guess…Summer Photo Challenge, Cat in windowHAPPY. Who can deny that happy grin?! I just love her! (5 Month photos are coming later this week.)Summer Photo Challenge, Happy baby girlHABIT. Someday I will look back fondly on the days where my kids lived on the kitchen counter. They love helping me make meals or bake, and they have a ‘habit’ of climbing all the way onto the counter to help. Sometimes, they eat a snack there too.Summer Photo Challenge, Habit, Kids on counter, every day photographyTRADITION. Nothing says tradition more to me then the first dance between a bride and groom!Summer Photo Challenge, Tradition, First dance, Bride, GroomVINTAGE. If you’ve been to any of my winter mini sessions, you know I LOVE these doors as a backdrop. I even did a full family photo session here. Glad I can use them again for the Summer Photo Challenge!Summer Photo Challenge, Vintage

I’m working on more photos for the Summer Photo Challenge to share next week! In the mean time, grab your cameras, pick a prompt and start shooting! There is still time to submit your entry for a free spot in the Back-to-School Mini Sessions!


P.S. There are only TWO spots left for the August 27th Back to School Mini Sessions. Click here to register before they are all gone.

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