How could I not share my 4 year old in photos?! Recently, he had a birthday where he turned 4 years old. Each year I like to do a photo shoot of the kids near their birthday to show a little of their personality at that point in their lives. I admit, that I slacked a little this year as Hudson was born just before his special day. Just before his birthday party, I decided to take a couple of quick photos of the birthday boy. I loved them all so much, I decided that they perfectly depicted my 4 year old in photos and I didn't need to do another shoot. I mean, just look at that smile. It melts me to the core. 4 Year Old in Photos, Preschool BoyOf course, Milo has reached the age where, when asked to smile, you get this next face. It's not my favorite, however, I had to capture it anyways! 4 Year Old in Photos, Preschool BoyIt's funny that Milo had given me a similar face a few years ago. But I love how he will still cover his face at times during photos. I also love that their is dirt under his fingernails (typical boy) and a Cars Band-Aid on his finger (not for an actual cut, but because he likes Band-Aids). 4 Year Old in Photos, Preschool BoyFinally, probably my favorite shot. One of his goofy faces. 4 Year Old in Photos, Preschool Boy Man, I just love that boy and his many faces!


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