The 4th of July weekend always has so much promise, but this year it truly delivered. If you live in the Seattle area, you know just what I'm talking about. It is always so tough when you plan for family gatherings, bbqs, and fun in the sun, only to find yourself getting rained out. Well this year was beautiful! For part of the weekend, we went down to a friend's cabin on Fox Island. If you haven't been to Fox Island, you should visit. The community feeling is overwhelming., and the views are amazing. While there, we went for a walk down the beach, played pickle-ball, and just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine.


This is Nick, my honorary dog. He spends his days fishing. I don't think he has ever caught anything, but just look at that optimism!

Then before making the journey home, we watch the sunset. I didn't get as much time with the camera since Milo needed to be fed, but I did get to take it all in nonetheless. On Fox Island, you can truly reflect on how lucky we are as Americans to have freedom.

Thank you Hall family for sharing your cabin with us! We had a wonderful time!