The 4th of July can be tricky when you have young children (or adults who go to bed early). Since I have both, I had to realize that photographing a big fireworks show was out. So, I had two main goals - spend the day with family, and do a sparkler photograph of Milo's name. I was successful at both, so it was a great holiday! The family headed over to my parents where we relaxed in the hammock, barbecued grain dogs (yep, everyone tried them and liked them!), and played croquet.

Grandpa Bob just loves to tickle Milo!

Milo ate too much and fell asleep on the table!

I had always wanted to try one of the "sparkler" pictures that I have seen others photographers do. The only problem was that when you have a baby (or a husband who starts work at 5:30 am) you can't stay up late enough to have it dark enough to do the shot. So we faked it. I'm pretty happy with how the shot turned out. What do you think?