My boy turned 5 months old, which means the beginning of "solid" foods and sticky fingers. We started feeding him rice cereal last week, and it has been quite the fun adventure. I didn't realize what a slow process it is to learn how to eat. Milo loves it, but I don't think he quite understands that it is food yet. He loves to stick his fingers into his mouth moments after a spoonful of cereal. He then proceeds to tough everything he can with his messy hand.

This month he has also learned new tricks and improved old ones! He is a tummy time pro...

and he has started grabbing his right foot. Most of the time, he grabs his knees while his feet kick in the air.

And he enjoys contorting his body to look at himself in the mirror!

As usual, we did a sheepy picture; I can't believe Milo fit on top of him.

While he may be much bigger than sheepy (and most kids his age), he is still little, and I couldn't love him more.

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