Last weekend, Milo turned 7 months! It still amazes me how quickly he is growing and changing. He loves to sit up all the time now. We got him one of those exersaucer toys and he loves playing in it! He gets so focused on the toys. There can be a circus going on around him, and he will stay focused on that toy.

Milo also loves playing on the floor! He isn't quite crawling yet, however he does manage to roll around the floor to reach toys that he wants to play with!

We are a long way from walking, but he loves to stand tall with his daddy.

As you can see from these next few photos, he is getting really good at sitting up on his own....and he still adores his daddy (who isn't in the picture, but standing by for support)...

however we aren't perfect at sitting, there are still a few tumbles!

The best part of all, is that despite how much he is growing and learning, he still loves to snuggle with his mommy on the couch.