How is it that I'm so far behind on Sawyer's monthly posts? While I'm behind on blogging, I have at least been taking photos of her all the time. Over the past three months, Sawyer has grown and changed so much. At 8 months, she started really playing with the little kitchen. It was one of Milo's favorite toys as a baby so it has been fun to see her playing and swaying along to the music.

With the arrival of sunshine and summertime, we've been spending more and more time outside. She loves to sit in the lawn and watch as Derek, Milo and I all work and play in the yard. I thought is was the perfect spot for her and sheepy. Just like her big brother, she started pulling up (successfully) at 9 months. I love this shot because she it focuses on her little chubby legs and curled toes!Grandpa also gave her a swing to use on the playset. She loves to swing and watch Milo as he goes up and down the slide. This shot just about sums up Sawyer at 9 months - in movement. I love that she is smiling and pushing off sheepy. Since she started crawling, she's been moving a mile a minute. Nothing gets in the way of this girl!Now for the more current photos. My baby girl at 10 months! I can hardly believe it. Please no judgment on the next photo! Sawyer is such a grabby girl, that she snatched a red vine right out of big brother's hands. She had made quite the mess of her before I noticed. Instead of stopping it, I got the camera out. What a messy messy girl! Since she turned 10 months just after the 4th of July, I thought it was appropriate to do some themed photos! And how can you not love a baby in a bucket!Milo got in on the action too, waving the American flag proudly (though he'd rather be pushing around his big truck instead of sitting in on mama's photo shoot). Sheepy joined in for a photo too!

I have had so many great sessions lately that I can't wait to share with you! I promise to get it in gear and get more posts up soon! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!

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