Happy New Year! I realize I am a bit late, but I was enjoying time with my family over the holidays. On New Year's Eve, Derek and I embarked on an adventure - a vacation with two kids under the age of 2! We chose California & Disneyland because we love all things Disney and wanted to share this love with our children. It is also only a 2.5 hour flight and in the same zone, two important factors when you are flying with the kids in your lap and have naps to think about. We were very fortunate because Derek's mom ("Grammie") came with us to Disneyland! We spent two FULL days in the park, and it was truly magical. I just love that they still had all of their holiday decorations up. Here, we had just arrived and I love how Milo is taking it all in!

Cars Land is the newest addition to Disney's California Adventure Park. While most of the lines were horrendous, Milo and I got in line early to ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. As you can tell, I enjoyed the ride! The next photo goes to show why I love Disney. When it came down to it, Milo was a little nervous around the characters when they were up close. We had done a character dining experience, but Milo wanted nothing to do with any of the characters. He would cry if they looked at him. Minnie had come by once and passed us by when seeing how nervous Milo was. Later during dinner, Milo was distracted playing with his cars and Minnie returned without letting Milo know. Sure, the image is a bit dark and grainy, Milo's face is covered in pasta sauce and he has a car, but we were able to get this great photo of him with Minnie. I just love it! Thank you Minnie Mouse! The best part of our entire Disneyland vacation was the Christmas Parade. Milo's face and excitement almost brought tears to my eyes. At one point he was so excited he started climbing on his daddy to see!One of Milo's best friends just LOVES Tigger, so we were excited to see him in the parade! Sawyer is too young to understand or comprehend the excitement of Disneyland, but she did enjoy looking around at everything. She woke up as we were touring Minnie's house, so I took advantage of the beautiful light coming in through the door and had Derek capture this moment of us. Even though she may not remember this moment, I hope she, too, will cherish this image.One of the nights, after we put the kids to bed, Grammie stayed in the hotel and let Derek and I go out on our own. It was PACKED, but it was still wonderful. The castle was so beautiful all lit up.

I was sad to leave Disneyland, but we had some great adventures in Coronado & San Diego as well. Soon, I will share that, along with a few sessions I have done recently! In the mean time, what is your favorite Disney memory? Please leave a comment to share!

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