A few weeks ago a favorite client of mine emailed saying her son was a new boy. Her youngest had changed drastically in the past 6 months and wanted to do a quick photo update of just him. I couldn't wait to see this new boy. I didn't believe he could look that different. I mean, I just photographed their family last summer! Just for reference, this is a favorite image from their family session last summer. new boy, snoqualmie children's photographyAfter seeing the above image, I'm sure you'll be as shocked as me to see his updated portrait! Short, spiky hair, missing teeth, and glasses! And you can't tell here, but he had also grown 5 feet (okay, maybe a foot)! new boy, snoqualmie children's photographyAfter we got a few nice shots for mom, we had some fun. As the youngest of 3 brothers, I think he enjoyed being the center of attention. And man, he was a goofball! Yet, this is one of my favorites from his session!new boy, snoqualmie children's photographyHe climbed on this swing, that was pretty cool, because this looked almost like the rope swing the boys played on during their family session. So we were able to "recreate" two images easily!new boy, snoqualmie children's photographyI'm so glad I got to see this new boy with my own eyes. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't the one taking the photos!

Has one of your kids gone through a dramatic change between our yearly sessions? Email me about scheduling a 1-on-1 mini session for a few updated photos!


P.S. Stay tuned. Big Mother's Day specials coming your way this week! Mom's tell your husbands!

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