When I met up with this family, Mother Nature was rearing her ugly head - it was pouring! Luckily, this mom had suggested the Redmond City Hall. It is a beautiful building with great cover! It was such a pleasure capturing this family, they were so relaxed and ready for their shoot. Just look at them! They make it look so easy.

This guy was so sweet. I asked him to do his "tough guy" pose. This is what he gave me....

And this little cutie (shown here with mom!) was so fun. She had just gotten back from a mani-pedi birthday party! I just ask, why wasn't I invited?!

And we can't forget one of just mom. I'm so happy she had specially requested her own shots. Too many moms avoid the camera or forget about themselves! She had such perfect posture, and when I complimented her, she told me she did yoga! I love that.

Pam, your family was so wonderful to work with. Thank you for spending an afternoon in the rain with me (and my two umbrella holding helpers!)

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