Last week, my boy turned 3 months old! Time is flying so quickly, that I can see glimpses of him sitting up, crawling, or even starting kindergarten. That is all so frightening so I focus on capturing him as he is today. I had fun with this photo shoot. He is developing such a great personality, and I was able to capture that. I, of course, started with "sheepy" to show how much he has grown (which is he has doubled in size since birth!), but we were also able to prop him up for a few shots!

I love this picture of him. He was trying to put "sheepy" in his mouth, but since it was holding him up, he slowing fell sideways. He just thought that was hilarious!

This photo means a lot for Derek and I. When we were in high school (yup, high school sweethearts!), we went to see Disney's Monster's Inc. It wasn't a date but sparks were definately flying. Now, 9 1/2 years later, to have our son in a Mike Wasowski outfit is full circle moment.

We love you Milo!

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