Whenever my kids are in the bathtub, I feel like there are many bathtub photo moments. The white tub and bare skin makes for such beautiful and simple photos. And who doesn't love bubbles and bath crayons? One of our adventures this week has been bath time. With summer over (sad face), it means back to routine and regular baths. Milo hasn't been a fan, though he loves the bath once he's in. Sawyer LOVES taking a bath. Anytime you're even around the tub she's reaching in trying to crawl in. Luckily, our tub is rather tall so she can't actually get in, yet. We do find all kinds of fun and random things in the tub!

The other day Milo was in the bathtub and I had stepped out, when I returned I found this sweet moment. I love that Sawyer is standing in the bus she was playing with. Because she was so excited that Milo was in the bath, that it didn't matter where her foot was. I love how Milo is smiling at her. I didn't want to ruin the moment so I stood back in the hallway for the shot. I think the door framing just adds to the photo, like I'm spying on my kids.

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I love these tender moments between my kids, and I'm proud that I am able to capture them for my children to enjoy for years to come. What moments can you capture of your kids today? It is these little moments that are my favorite because they really tell the story of our day to day lives.


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