One of the reasons I feel that Fresh 48 sessions (or in-hospital newborn sessions, whichever you'd like to call it) are so important is because siblings only meet for the first time once. One of my favorite memories is when my "big kids" met my youngest for the very first time. Their reactions and emotions were so special and wonderful. The way they studied their new baby sister top to bottom, and exclaimed how much they loved her and were, "so glad she was out of mommy's tummy!" Moments I will never forget. However, even more special is that I can show them photos of the time they met for her for the very first time.

So when this mom asked me to photograph her children meeting their newest addition in the hospital, I was thrilled. These kids were excited to meet their baby sister. The now big brother was the sweetest and most enthralled, he examined every inch and just stared at baby girl's tiny features. Big sister brought her a gift, and she loved hearing how much this baby looked like she did when she was a newborn. 

Their baby girl is now a few months old and the other day the mom texted me this, "We were just looking through (baby girl's) fresh 48 photos, soooo special 😭❤️!" 

If you're expecting and want to have the first time siblings are meeting photographed, let's chat!

Congratulations, once again, to this family of 5! 

*Neyssa Lee