A friend has shown me the light with the best baby food storage tool EVER! This Silicone Freezer Tray is saving me time and making it so much easier for me to make my own baby food! I whip up my favorite puree, pour it into one of these trays and pop it into the freezer! Best Baby Food Storage Tool, Friday FavoritesThey stack well in the freezer. After I freeze it (usually overnight since I forget to check later), I then pop the frozen cubes out and put them in labeled, Ziplock bags. The best part is that these trays are silicone, so you can bake with them too. I haven't tried that yet, but at least I know I have something I can use them for when I'm done pureeing baby food. Best Baby Food Storage Tool, Friday FavoritesWith Milo and Sawyer I used individual containers. But they were such a pain to fill, I was always making such a mess. This is so much quicker for me. And anything that makes life easier for this mama is worth a shout out in my book!Best Baby Food Storage Tool, Friday Favorites, photos of a silly 6 month old baby girl, 6 months, baby girlIn case you were wondering, one of my favorite go-to sites for how to prepare baby foods is Wholesome Baby Food.They are easy, simple, and have ideas for different stages of eating.

Happy baby food making!


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