I have to admit, I wasn't fully aware of what was coming when I first discussed this family's photo session with mom! I mean, two kids, mom, dad, and a puppy - how much fun could that be?! I was right, it was a blast, but it was also a challenge! I don't like to use the word "bribe" but a little external motivation never hurts to help mom and dad get a few of the family "portraits" before we move on to the real fun! In this case, mom was smart and brought treats for the puppy and chocolate and bubbles for the kids! I think we got some beautiful shots showing just how much fun their family really is!I absolutely love this picture! Brother and sister together! And looking all too sweet and innocent (hint: mom may be holding chocolate bunnies captive behind me!)I think this little guy could have blown bubbles for hours. He even had a little help here!

Thank you for such a fun shoot. Your family is so cute! Here's wishing you all a happy Monday!