I want to thank all of the moms who came out with their kids dressed up for the Capture Your Halloween Story Event last night! The kids were all so adorable dressed up, it was fun to capture them all! It wasn't just meet taking photos, the moms had their cameras out too. I went over a few tips that they could apply right away to take better photos of their kids for Halloween! I can't wait for them to share with me what they've captured! In the meantime, here are a few I took! This is the happiest dinosaur I've ever met. He was so friendly to everyone who was there. I just loved getting to know him! (I think him and Sawyer could have a future.....)

capture your halloween story event, snoqualmie family photographer

There were also several ninjas. These two siblings were especially fearsome. They had kicks, turns, sword moves, you name it. I know who to call if I ever need protecting. According to mom they practice being ninjas daily! Do you remember the sweet baby girl from my workshop? Well, this are her older brother and sister! I'm so glad they came!10-30-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-3This guy is one of Milo's new best friends. He is one awesome ninja too! I just love those big muscles! I thought it was pretty sweet of him to show us his face for a quick shot. He sure is handsome.10-30-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-4And this is the younger brother of the above ninja. He's a pretty cute Tigger! He even told me "T-I-Double GG-er!" I love it! He too, is one of Milo's best friends! 10-30-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-5I can't forget my own two little ones. What are we this year? Snow White and the 7 (okay, 3) dwarves! You'll have to wait to see a photo of all of us dressed up, but here's a couple of the kids. Don't worry, I will share more from our Halloween next week! Milo is dopey. 10-30-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-6

And of course, Miss Sawyer is Snow White. And while we were shooting, she sure acted like a princess! These two make my heart melt. What is Milo doing, telling me that he's "dopey, dopey, dopey." We practiced the car ride over! 10-30-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-2

Thanks again ladies! I had so much fun with our lesson!

Happy Halloween!


P.S. Sad you missed out on the fun? Don't worry, I'm going to do a fun holiday lights Capture Your Story lesson in early December. What Facebook and the blog for the announcement!