Are you loving these Capturing Colorful Mini Sessions posts? In case you missed  them here's Part I and Part II! This last family was a riot. I think they were the perfect way to end the evening. Imagine, a family of 3 boys along with their girl cousin. They were the perfect age, fearless about getting paint on them or painting each other. I could not stop laughing. Capturing Color Mini Sessions, Kids Painting, Don't let the fact that there was only 1 girl, she held her own against her cousins. (I love how he's just standing there and taking it like a man!) Capturing Color Mini Sessions, Kids Painting, They did do some actual sheet painting....Capturing Color Mini Sessions, Kids Painting,But they were mostly painting each other! Doesn't it look like so much fun?Capturing Color Mini Sessions, Kids Painting, This is a favorite from their session. It was a quiet moment amongst the chaos, yet his eyes seem to say "I didn't do anything." And of course, you have to love the paint mustache! Capturing Color Mini Sessions, Kids Painting,

What a great time I had with these mini sessions! What do you think? Should I do them again next year?


P.S. There's still a few spots left for Back to School Mini sessions. Email me at to reserve your spot.