As you may recall, Milo turned 2 back in March. Last weekend we had his birthday party and it was so much fun. I had chosen a chef theme because it perfectly  fits who he is right now. Luckily I have amazing friends and family who helped make my vision into a reality. First, my mom made Milo a chef hat and aprons for all of the kids. Pretty amazing, huh?! Milo was so cute in his outfit.

For the invitation I used one of my favorite Etsy shops - Sugarflies Designs. He loves to mix things, just look at that smile on his face!Then Lyndsey of Circle River Creations helped with all of the party decor. She does such an amazing job, just look at the decor! A friend of mine also made the chef hat cake.Of course little Sawyer was there too! She didn't participate, but I think she enjoyed seeing all of the kids and being passed among the adults.When the kids arrived, the first baked their own cupcakes. That's right, we let them bake! Though some thought it was more fun to eat the spatula then to stir with them.While the cupcakes baked, we had some homemade play doh for them to play with. We had all sorts of things to cut, roll, and shape the dough. Then it was time to decorate their cupcakes. While some were very cautious about their cupcakes, Milo was quick to dump on the sprinkles and start eating. His cupcake is on the bottom there, I think he did a great job! Baby G had his first cupcake, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it by the looks of his face!

The party was a big hit, I think Milo loved every minute of it. It is times like these that I feel so fortunate that we have so many people that love and care for us and that will celebrate my little boy with me. If you're looking to throw a party and want a coordinator, I highly recommend Circle River Creations. Lyndsey did an amazing job and on a photographer's budget! Thank you to everyone for coming and making his party so special.

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