Coats on coats on coats. Sawyer has provided me with another great opportunity to capture her defining details. I had to share with you as I'm always telling you to go out and capture those defining details! Sawyer has always been into fashion. It's funny how she loves putting on dresses and getting dressed didn't seem to bother her. Lately, she can't wait to get her coat on. It doesn't matter if she's still in jammies, like in the image below. She woke up, saw her coat, and demanded that we put it on.Coats on Coats, defining details, capturing toddlers, capturing the everydayIf any one else puts a coat on she wants one on too, even if she's already wearing a coat. I'm not sure if she wants to make sure she's ready to leave in a moments notice or what. So here she really is wearing coats on coats! Coats on Coats, defining details, capturing toddlers, capturing the everydayWhile trying to take her photo of her in jambes, I stole her pacifier. To get her to smile, the kitty on her pacifier was sitting on my camera. She showed me where that kitty should go. I thought it was too cute not to share!3-4-14-blog_Neyssa_Lee_Photography-2

 How does your little ones dress themselves? Have you taken the time to capture the silliness? Trust me, you'll be glad you did when you have such fun photos to share with them!

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