With this cold weather and dark and rainy afternoons, I love my little coffee dates with the girls after I drop Milo off at school. We go one or two times a month, and often it is after a trip to the library for new books. It is so cute how Sawyer feels pretty special with her vanilla soy milk in a cup (with her name written on it). I'm not exactly sure why but on these coffee dates with the girls, Sawyer always wants to get into the baby booster seat just like Hudson. She cracks up at how they are both in the baby seats together.  I had shared this one on Instagram.

coffee dates with the girls,

Many of my coffee dates I snap a quick photo with my phone and often share on Instagram. My favorite is from a coffee date with the girls when Hudson was still in my tummy. Sawyer brought Minnie everywhere, including our coffee dates.

Coffee date with the girls, Minnie Mouse, Starbucks


Do you have a favorite spot to go on adventures with your kids for little dates on these dark and dreary days?