Good Monday Morning! I love all of the families I get the opportunity to capture, but this next family takes the cake. I could've spent all afternoon chatting with them and playing with their baby girl! They share the love for Disney, so in my book, that makes you an instant friend!  Plus Baby I is just a few weeks older than Sawyer! It was fun capturing the love this family has for each other.Like many babies, Baby I wasn't too sure of the camera pointing at her. However, I just love this moment we captured.This age is all about fingers (or anything close by) in the mouth. Baby I really lit up and was excited when her daddy was doing his crazy giggles! I found myself laughing loudly as well! All of that giggling was exhausting, however, so we retired to her room for a few final shots before her nap. This is probably my favorite image from the entire session. You just know that daddy loves his baby girl and she loves him.