During a recent family photo session, this mom and dad received lots of cuddles for photos! Mr. L wasn't so sure about me with the camera at first, which meant he cuddled into mom or dad a lot to hide from me. Little did he know, mom was loving it and I was capturing sweet photos of him! We started the session with a traditional family photo. I love this one, where little bear is included, because let's be honest, he's a part of the family too!Cuddles for Photos, Snoqualmie Family Photographer

Remember those cuddles for photos I was telling you about. Here's one. I thought it was too sweet to not capture his little hand on dad's shoulder, holding on, with his head tucked into dad's neck for comfort. Cuddles for Photos, Snoqualmie Family PhotographerI managed to sneak around and capture this tender moment before he caught site of me. I love how adoringly mom is looking at her boy while Mr. L is cuddling in with his bear. Cuddles for Photos, Snoqualmie Family PhotographerWe ventured to the water and had a couple of visitors that really sparked this little guy's interest. He was even so excited about feeding the ducks, that he didn't mind me hanging around. Cuddles for Photos, Snoqualmie Family PhotographerWe took a little walk down the trail, aren't they such a sweet family?! I love family photos like this, because when you have an almost 3-year-old, you're always in motion and this reflects their life right now!Cuddles for Photos, Snoqualmie Family PhotographerAt the end of the session mom brought out a green sucker that would win over any little boy! I love how he's looking at me and how mom and dad are sweet on each other! It was even their anniversary the day of their session (how's that for dedication to family photos?!), so I'm sure that added to the feeling of love in the air!Cuddles for Photos, Snoqualmie Family Photographer

Happy Anniversary to you guys! Thanks for such a fun time at the park! I can't wait for you to see the rest of your gallery.


P.S. Is your child having a birthday soon? It's the perfect time to update your photos. Spring is almost fully booked and summer has started booking up, so make sure to contact me to get your family session scheduled.

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