Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a great family with the most precious baby boy. When nap time was approaching, I hated to leave because I was having so much fun capturing Baby T! Just look at all that curly hair and those eyes!When booking her session, mom wanted to make sure that we captured her with her son, since she's always the one taking the pictures. We did just that, focusing on mama and baby! I just love this image. She is glowing with happiness to be with her son, and Baby T is watching his daddy!We did get a few with daddy too!Baby T was getting a little tired of me in his face all the time, but a little dancing and singing with mama and he was all smiles!I couldn't believe how well behaved and sweet their dog was! 

I had such a wonderful time capturing your precious little boy. Thank you for inviting me into your home and giving me a glimpse into your family's life.