This past weekend I had my holiday mini sessions in Snoqualmie! I was super excited to wake up to beautiful sunshine in Bellevue. As I headed out towards Snoqualmie, however, I was surprised to find that it was SNOWING! Luckily, it did not stick around, but it did mean that it was cold out. My first family were troopers. How this mom managed to get herself and the 3 kids fed, dressed and to the location by 9:00 am, I will never know! But didn't they look fabulous?!

I can't wait to put Sawyer in such cute outfits! Just look at the little girl's her boots and dress! And you have to love the smiles in the next photo!

Didn't I tell you she was adorable?! I could've kept her around all day, she was the perfect subject to capture!This is one of my favorites from their session. I love how proud papa is and how genuine the kids' smiles are here. You just know their mom is doing something pretty funny to get a reaction like that!

Stay tuned, more mini session previews are coming soon!