A while ago, I was searching for an easy Instagram photo book. There is something about photos you put on Instagram. They are moments where you just have to share right then. Plus, you take the time to come up with clever (or maybe not so clever) descriptions. I wanted to start keeping a book of just those photos I share on Instagram. And I found the easiest way ever - Chatbooks. Chatbooks, easy Instagram photo book

I'm in love with how easy this is to do. I signed up for an account, downloaded the app, and selected a few settings. And now, every 60 posts in Instagram, I am AUTOMATICALLY notified that my book will ship within 3 days. That's great, because I have 3 days to review and remove a photo here and there that I might not want included, or change the cover image if I want. If I'm still at 60 photos, it ships out three days later. If not, it waits until I post again and then lets me know again. It's an easy Instagram photo book.

Chatbooks, easy Instagram photo

It's easy and it's only $8 per book and that includes free shipping. Now, I admit, it isn't as high quality as my yearly photo books. But, for $8 a book, and how easy it is, it's okay with me. My yearly family albums are where I put the time, effort, and thus focus on quality. But Chatbooks is exactly what I was looking for - an easy Instagram photo book!

Give them a try using my referral code and get your first book free! Click here and use the code "KETR3K6Y."