The first signs of fall were visible during this family's photo session a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see the colors so soon, but with a grey day and a few yellow leaves, there was no denying fall was coming. I loved capturing this family. The kids were full of fun ideas, yet they were all old enough to take a few formal shots first. 10-1-14-blog_Neyssa-Lee-Photography-1Dad had lots of fun. He demonstrated his ability to carry all 4 kids at one time. I was so impressed I almost forgot to take pictures! 10-1-14-blog_Neyssa-Lee-Photography-5I even caught dad showing his moonwalk skills. See, it isn't just the kids that have fun at my sessions!10-1-14-blog_Neyssa-Lee-Photography-3The girls were all so flexible, doing the splits here and high kicks there. I felt sore just watching them. But I love this idea with big brother as the body guard for this three sisters! 10-1-14-blog_Neyssa-Lee-Photography-7Here's some of those first signs of fall I was talking about. Yellow leaves that have fallen on the ground made for the perfect addition to their family photo!10-1-14-blog_Neyssa-Lee-Photography-4We ended the session with a few photos of just mom and dad. This was my favorite. Four kids later and they've still got it! 10-1-14-blog_Neyssa-Lee-Photography-8

Thank you for a fun morning at the lake with your family! I'm sure next year I will be capturing backflips and high jumps!


P.S. The leaves are changing all around. If you're wanting beautiful signs of fall in your photos, it's time to book your session now. Only 3 dates are left for fall sessions!