This family never ceases to amaze me by how close these siblings are, I always get the sweetest, and most genuine sibling photos of them. I don't know if mom bribed them, dad threatened an afternoon full of tickles or if they really just love each other that much. My guess is the later. I sure hope that Milo and Sawyer are like this, because how sweet is this photo of them?Snoqualmie Family Photographer, Sibling PhotosMaybe we get those genuine sibling photos because mom and dad, too, are pretty amazing people. Regardless, I know that I will always have fun when capturing this family. I mean, we get to talk about dad's blue suit and putting big brother into a tutu if he doesn't smile. 10-28-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-3Doesn't she look so sweet there? I'm pretty sure she may have said something like "boys stink!" She knows what's up!10-28-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-2I just love this image. The kids were holding hands and being sweet, but look at those parents in the background. They are the real deal.10-28-13-blog-NeyssaLeePhoto-4 Once again, thank you for allowing me to capture you beautiful family. It is always such an honor and a pleasure (and so much fun, even though there weren't any blue suits involved)!


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