Happy Birthday, Sweet Sawyer This past year you have brought so much love and joy and excitement into our lives, I cannot begin to explain how blessed your father and I feel to call you our daughter.

I hope you always know how much your family loves you. And even if he may not want to share his toys with you, Milo adores you. Having a little sister in his life is the best thing that could have happened to Milo. How are you already one?! It seems like yesterday we were dressing you like Piglet, or celebrating Christmas, orin Disneyland. Throughout this journey, you have been nothing but a sweet, happy, loving girl. Your smile lights me up every time I see it. I think you know that too, because after a rough night of no sleep, you'd always wake up with a squeal and a huge smile. How could anyone be upset with that face?!You are our little princess who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Yet, that doesn't mean that you are dainty. You can make the biggest messes with your food and are fearless. It is interesting to see how different you are from your brother. He was so much more (and still is) cautious than you. You will throw yourself backwards when someone is holding you, or push yourself down a slide, just for the thrill of it. Do you see why your father and I are always on our toes?!We have so many big dreams for you, sweet Sawyer. I already see so much of your personality that I know that you will go far in life. I know that you can do anything you want to do. But my biggest dream for you is that you always keep your spirit and your smile. 

We love you so very much, baby girl. Happy Birthday!


Mom, Dad, and Milo