2014 is already a year full of growth for me. I'm taking several classes that I can't wait to share more about. Another project I'm taking on is a personal project, the 10-on-10. But more about that in just a moment. First, the winner of the first annual holiday photo contest! and the winner is....A Bear for Santa!

NLP Holiday Photo Contest, winner

Congrats, Laurie! And thank you to everyone who entered. It takes courage to put yourself out there, but you did it anyways. I loved all of your images.

Back to the 10-on-10. So what is a 10-on-10? You take 10 photos during your day on the 10th day of the month. It is a way to showcase your day in the life. I have two confessions. One, I took my photos on the 11th this month (to be fair, I didn't join the group until noon on the 10th). I thought this would be a simple project, just to take more photos. I was wrong. It truly pushed me to be creative, to continue to show how everyday moments matter, and that I only had 10 photos to show you the story of one day in the life of the Lee family. It also means that I'm not taking photos only during the best hours for light. I'm very excited to be doing this project. It will push me in many ways. Now for my 10-on-10!

My morning began with a special treat - a trip to Starbucks with just my girl. 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday momentsThe kids are recovering from a week of being sick, so the boys played on the computer a bit and Milo was watching "Handy Manny." 1-13-14-Neyssa_Lee_Photography-2I always try to find a little time to work on blog posts for the upcoming week! 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday momentsPlaying Legos is a big part of the day. It's Milo's favorite thing to do and he always is saying "Mama build big truck."10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday momentsBottles ready for Sawyer's nap time. Yes, two bottles, we are going through a growth spurt! 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday moments

Once one of the kids is down for a nap, I can more easily take Sadie outside.10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday momentsWatching the Seahawks game! Both kids climbing on daddy. Two regular weekend activities during football season. 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday momentsDinner time means, Derek is in the kitchen, with at least one helper. 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday momentsMy dinner time! If you have young children, you know that you don't always get to eat at dinner time. Once Sawyer is down for a nap, I can eat dinner (Peanutty Two Potato Soup!) by myself.10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday moments

Since I put Sawyer down, it is Derek's night to put Milo down. Which means, I escape to my bedroom for some quiet reading and journaling. Sadie was waiting for me, surprised I caught her up on the bed!10-on-10, Snoqualmie Photographer, Photographing everyday moments

Such a fun project. Give it a try. See how it brings new light to capturing your day.

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