There are some exciting things coming this summer for me and Neyssa Lee Photography. I can't wait to share with you guys! In the meantime, I just have to share some images from my summer mini sessions.  

I have done a few shoots for Miss M and she's always such a doll. She was the focus for the session (no big brother to share the spotlight with!), and we had so much fun! I mean, bright blue eyes and bright, bright blonde hair - what's not to love! Plus she was my little lady in red with her adorable dress. She had a birthday recently so she was showing me that she was "4" now!Mom came for a few photos. I love how relaxed mom always is. They just had fun and played in the park together on a beautiful summer day.A final shot from our mini session. There were so many favorites, even with the shorter session time, but this is one of my favorite favorites! What an expression this girl has! I love it!

Did you see my first "Lesson with the Lees" post last week? It had a great tip for capturing your own kids (or pet or husband)! Make sure you check it out and get practicing with your camera! There will be a new lesson soon!