Another month complete - March 365 Photos! I admit, March was a tough month for me. I had many more days where it was a struggle to pick up my camera, or a day where nothing I captured seemed to get me excited. I had hit my rutt, and poor Derek faced the brunt of my complaining. And yet, I picked my camera up everyday and pushed through the "blubs" as I so lovingly call them. I even managed to have some great photos for my March 365 photos. I also tried to balance out the kids, capturing a little of everyone. It is strange that March felt like such a rut for me since there were so many fun things. My little boy turned 5. We did lots of exploring outside. Like this image, which I had the honor of being featured on Mom_Hub on Instagram. (Which, I highly recommend for those of you looking for some beautiful images for daily inspiration).

March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photography

This little girl turned one. And discovered her love for getting messy and, luckily, the bath that follows. March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photograph

We had a scary Friday evening spent at the ER with my sweet Sawyer. A bump on the head that turned out okay, and lead to a trip to Mod Pizza (her favorite place to go).March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photograph

Anakin grew like a weed. He's reached that teenage stage, but here he finally was able to jump onto my bed and make himself comfy. March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photograph

And there was sunshine! Oh the sunshine was glorious. And it meant starting a few large spring projects. Which the kids have loved helping and playing in the dirt and rocks.March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photograph And there were popsicles. Because it was warm, and the light was golden.

March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photograph

Here's a quick look at the rest of my March 365 Photos. March 365 Photos, Lifestyle Photograph

It's never too late to start a personal photo project. There are challenging days, for sure. But looking back seeing I've completed 3 months of daily photos so far is pretty awesome!