Day 2 of the workshop we focused more on the nitty gritty aspects of photography. We practiced our new techniques on each other, and then headed to the University of Washington, Tacoma campus to work with families! This was much more challenging than shooting the babies for me. On Day 1, our groups were smaller, but more importantly, it wasn't always about getting everyone to look at the camera. With the families, there were not only more people to position, but more of us trying to position them! This exercise forced me to look outside the box, and come up with new ideas or angles to shoot from while it was another photographer's turn to pose the family. The two families I worked with were amazing. They braved the heat and 5-6 cameras on them at once! I first worked with an adorable family with three beautiful little girls.

This little one was so shy, it was sweet!One benefit of multiple photographers is that it is easier to pull mom and dad a way for a few quick shots. I love how smitten he is with her here!

Once we piled the girls around their daddy, they relaxed and warmed up to the cameras! I love how they all are wrapped around him (since I'm sure he's wrapped around all three of their fingers)!

 I also had the opportunity to work with a family with two boys. Mom and Dad were so easy going, laid back, and did I mention gorgeous?!

The oldest boy had such a great personality. You could tell that he was coming into his own, that he wasn't a "little boy" anymore.

The youngest boy was ready to move! Any chance he had, he was off looking for an adventure. I just love how this photo turned out a little soft. You can tell that he was cruzin' up the steps! What do you think?

Even Brian, Me Ra's husband, couldn't get enough of this little guy.

The weekend was one I will never forget. I have met some truly amazing women who took this journey with me. I was opened up to a whole new perspective on not only photography, but life. Thank you to Me Ra and Brian for such an amazing opportunity.