With Sawyer's birthday rapidly approaching I had to capture my little Minnie. For her 2nd birthday party we are doing a Minnie Mouse theme since she gets so excited by all things Minnie Mouse. I admit, I'm just as excited as (okay, maybe more excited) Sawyer. I always like to include an image for my birthday invites, which meant a mini photo shoot for Sawyer. They turned out so cute I had to share a couple with you! This first image is the one I ended up choosing for her invite. She's just too darling (I may be slightly biased though).

my little minnie, sweet toddler girl, Minnie Mouse Shirt

She's showing me where Minnie is! Her smile makes me smile.my little minnie, sweet toddler girl, Minnie Mouse ShirtThen she got bored and silly by playing with her shoes. But here's my secret. I was bribing with smarties (the perfect photo shoot bribe as it isn't messy, they are small and have lots in a little pack). my little minnie, sweet toddler girl, Minnie Mouse ShirtMilo didn't want to be left out of our shoot (he wanted in on the Smarties action). So I captured his new socks. He was SO excited about the new pack of "GIANT" socks I got for him. He kept thanking it. It was too darling not to take a picture to remember his love for socks. (Here's a secret, if I could, I would wear a brand new pair of socks everyday. Strange, but true!). Preschool Boy, Socks


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