One perk of being a photographer is getting to spend time in so many different local parks. I love when a client has a favorite place that is special to their family. I not only get to capture a new place, but I get a real glimpse into a family's life. This family introduced me to Timberlake Park, a real gem in the Issaquah area - it has a beautiful trail leading to a small beach. The walk back to the beach was even more fun with this little guy showing the way! This is one of my favorite shots, he was such a character! He also had these curious, beautiful, blue eyes! I just love them!Once we got down to the beach, we found we were the only ones! After playing in the dirt a little bit, we were treated to a special and new (according to mom and dad) dance!

What a great park and a fun little boy you have! Thank you for showing me what an afternoon in your shoes is truly like!