Last week I shared this baby boy's First Hours Newborn Session sneak peek. Once the family was home with baby boy and all settled in, we did their newborn session. He was a dream to photograph, and his siblings were just as excited to hold and snuggle him. Everything about this photo session was at a relaxed and calm pace. I love newborn photo sessions because I get so much time to chat with the family about their newest addition. Did I mention that he was wonderful to capture?!

Home with baby boy, newborn photos, The kids took turns holding him, and they had no problem snuggling up with him. I love this next image. A family at home with baby boy, surrounding him with their presence and love.Home with baby boy, newborn photos, Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0418Typically newborn sessions begin with the family and then focus on baby. That way the big kids can be done and do their own thing. But this sweet boy couldn't get enough and asked to lay with his baby brother. I'm never going to turn that request down. And look and them together! Oh my heart this is so precious. Home with baby boy, newborn photos, Of course mom and dad were there too, and what a better place for a baby then in mama's arms?Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0413I love this series of images of mom and dad. Baby boy is the star, but mom and dad's love shines from behind him.Home with baby boy, newborn photos, Just a 'few' more favorites from their session. Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0412 Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0416 Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0417 Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0414 Snoqualmie_photographer-2016-Neyssa-Lee-Photography_0415


Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? A newborn session is the perfect way to capture those fleeting details of your baby. In  the comfort of your own home, together we create timeless art of your family's memories. Contact me as early as your second trimester to start talking through the details for your session.

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