When a regular client asked for Pacific Northwest Extended Family Photos over the Christmas break, I was thrilled. First, that meant I got to see 3 of my favorite boys again! And, I knew the perfect location that felt very Pacific Northwest. Grandma was in from out of town and had bought everyone fleeces for the shoot. Don't you just love all of the color?!Pacific Northwest Extended Family Photos, Large family photosPacific Northwest Extended Family PhotosOnce we were done with the extended family, there was a quick wardrobe change and I captured the individual families. As I said, this is one of my favorite families. Mom took my workshop last year and I have loved seeing her photography blossom. She also is a huge support for me as I, too, have transitioned to a family of 5! Aren't they beautiful too?!Pacific Northwest Extended Family Photos, Family of 5 PhotoThree boys. Sure, mom has her hands full. But doesn't every mother? And just look at this love here! Of course...that only lasts a moment...but then you get the even better shot... Pacific Northwest Extended Family Photos, Brothers Photo, Hugging Siblings, like this one! It was my favorite. And mom's too as she chose it as a large canvas for her walls. I love when parents and I agree on the best shots from their session!Pacific Northwest Extended Family Photos, Brothers Photo, Hugging Siblings, Thank you for braving the cold and allowing me to capture Pacific Northwest Extended Family Photos! As always, it was such a blast!


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