With school starting, here are some photo tips for the 1st day of school! Honestly, I haven't had a 1st day of school yet to capture, but I will next week! A dear friend and fellow photographer, Cathy Mores, put together this great post with First day of school photo tips. She has beautiful photos and great photo tips for the 1st day of school. One of my favorite tips of hers is to plan ahead. By taking a few photos before the first day of school, you won't be rushing around trying to get the photos you want while also getting everyone off to school on time! When I took a few photos of Milo for the Back to School Minis, I wanted to show what he looked like for his first year in preschool. Now that these details have been captured, I don't have to try getting them on the actual first day of school.

Photo tips for the 1st day of school, Preschool Boy at Desk,

For more tips, make sure you head on over to Cathy's blog. I know that I will be using these tips on Milo's 1st day of school next week!