I'm so excited to share that I have a photo with tip on photographing the lovey published on Disney's parenting blog, Babble! What is a lovey? It's that object your child takes everywhere. It could be a blankie, or a stuffed animal, anything that your child cannot live without. It brings comfort in all situations.

Little Miss E loves her Tigger! When we were planning her 3 year session, I told her mom to make sure to bring anything that represented who she is "right now." After several different family photos, I could tell E was getting bored. So we brought out Tigger. Her face lit up and gave him a big hug. Too precious!

photographing the lovey, babble

For tips on photographing the lovey, head on over to the post on Babble 8 Ways to Capture Kids and Their Lovies!

When you're done, capture your kids with your lovey and then SHARE them with me on my Facebook page. I would love to see your creativity shine through!