Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting and taking photos of a hilarious family. They were referred by another family and I'm so grateful, because they were a blast. Although it was chilly, it wasn't raining! I loved their colors (look how beautiful mom's scarf is!), especially with the neutral backdrop of the shore of Rattlesnake Lake.  But what really makes them pop are those smiles!Photos of a Hilarious Family, Family photographyI told this young man that he had to tell me if I was going to fall into the lake. I kept backing up, but I don't know if he was really going to tell me if I fell in! I think he would've thought it hilarious if I fell in! But another great smile! Photos of a Hilarious Family, Family photographyThey were naturals in front of the camera. And since it was cold, no one minded snuggling up!Photos of a Hilarious Family, Family photographyTo keep warm, we did a few other fun activities. Like running, throwing the football, and skipping rocks. Photos of a Hilarious Family, Family photographyBut a favorite photo of a hilarious family is this next one. They have a game that they play together where they are all acting. It was so funny to watch, and a blast to capture! I hope they see this photo years later and are reminded of the funny things they did together!Photos of a Hilarious Family, Family photography

Thank you for a fun afternoon by the lake. It was such a pleasure getting to know your family!


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