This past week I spent time with Sawyer taking photos of her favorite color. Right now, she will only wear purple. She wants everything to be purple - her cup, her juice, her spoon, her clothes. It is a new phase that came on fast and strong. While the amount of laundry I do to ensure she has a purple outfit may seem grueling, I know that there will come a time when I look back fondly when she would only wear purple. There may also come a time when she hates purple and I can show her that she in fact used to LOVE it! Last week she was determined to wear every item of purple she owned, so I thought that was the perfect time for photos of her favorite color. She was sitting with her grape juice box wearing all of her purple and I couldn't resist. This is a detail of her life right now. It tells her story. And I love this photo.

Photos of her favorite color, toddler in purple

Since I'm trying to tell a story, I didn't want just photos of her face. I wanted to show how her coat, sweatshirt, sweater, and pants were all purple.

Photos of her favorite color, toddler in purple

While I don't often take "portrait" style shots when I capturing defining details, who could resist that little smile?!

Photos of her favorite color, toddler in purple

Milo wanted to come sit and have his picture taken too. Again, not something I can resist when the kids willingly let me take a portrait style photo!

Does your child have a favorite outfit or color and have you taken the time to take photos of her favorite color? I challenge you to try to capture this fun detail before they move onto something new!