I immediately had a connection with this next family! Their little girl was born just 3 days after Milo (and there's a special place in my heart for March 2011 babies!). Mother Nature made scheduling rather difficult, as we were rained out a few times. But finally, she let up and we got a gorgeous day to celebrate this cutie turning 1!

We were at Downtown Bellevue Park, and she was mesmerized by all of the passing doggies! But when mommy was behind me, she just lit up! I think that if I followed them around for a full day, much of it would be like this! She was walking and on the move, ready to explore the world around her. The cherry blossoms were so beautiful, but they don't outshine these beautiful ladies' smiles!This is probably my favorite image from the day. She was into the dirt and climbing up on things, so I think the little specks of dirt on her face shows exactly who she is right now!

Thank you for your patience with the weather and for a great morning at the park. Your little cutie was too much fun!