The past few weeks were so wonderful, with the sun shining. Derek and I decided it was time to get Milo a kiddie pool to splash around in. Of course, the day after we bought it, the warmer temperatures decided to disappear. But we got to enjoy it for an evening! This was Milo's first time in a pool, and he loved it. He climbed in before the water was even in it.

He loved splashing around in the water....Daddy got in with him, and realized how brave his son is. That water was freezing. (I tried to tell him to use water from inside....)Time to dry off!He also really started walking in the past few weeks. It is so strange to see my little baby walking down the hallway. But I love his little walk, so here is a sequence of shots!He loves mommy's sunglasses. He tries to put them on, but then end up in his mouth instead!