Pumpkin Patches are so much fun with young children! They get so excited over the hay bales, farm animals, and of course, thousands of pumpkins! Last weekend, Derek and I (and our best friend, Brianna) headed to Dr. Mazes Farm on the outskirts of Redmond. It was so much fun watching the other kids run around. The best part, was Milo's eyes as he watched the activity himself. Although he was too small to really help pick out our pumpkin, he seemed to enjoy sitting in the wheelbarrow, and watching the other kids running around.

There were a few saddles on top of hale bales for the kids to ride. Milo knew just what to do!

A little unsure of the wheelbarrow, he hung onto the pumpkin for support!

Derek captured a great photo of me and the boy. I love how Milo is holding onto my chin while looking so smug!

We let him sit on the ground with the pumpkins. He focused very hard on the large, orange object in front of him.

Have you gotten to the pumpkin patch yet? I hope to carve our pumpkins soon, I will share pictures if they turn out!