This time of year is one of my favorites. I love the holidays, especially all of the food!  Thanksgiving is a semi-complicated holiday around my house. My parents are not vegan and enjoy the traditional turkey, while Derek and I enjoy a yummy vegetable pot pie as our main course! This year, I was assigned to make the pumpkin pie! I tried a new recipe from Vegetarian Times. While I ended up making a different crust, the pie itself turned out perfect. It was smooth in texture and full of flavor. Overall, our Thanksgiving was a success. Since it snowed, I decided to take my holiday portraits and a few pictures of my dogs. Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving.

This is my dog Ryley. He always looks like you're punishing him when you take his picture. I really wasn't, I promise! He even got a treat for posing so well.

This is Tedi. She uses her cute, innocent looking face to get out of trouble. She is just plain trouble! Ask Ryley, he would agree.