Recently, I was reminded of a simple low light photo tip. Have you noticed how quickly it is getting dark out now that Daylight Savings has passed?! It makes me rather sad. Yet I still want to be able to capture my family. After several rainy days stuck in the house, Derek and I decided to take an adventure to the mall to let the kids play at Kids Cove. Of course, on the way home Sawyer fell asleep just long enough to ruin her nap. Yet Derek was able to get her back to sleep with some snuggles. I looked over and saw the too of them napping together and thought it was too sweet not to capture. Sawyer isn't one to typically sleep with us, so I knew I had to take advantage of this moment.  I grabbed my smartphone (yes, this simple low light photo tip is so simple you can use it with any camera, including your smartphone!) and took a photo.

It was not as I had expected (see my before photo on the left). The shadows were harsh, Derek was dark, and the light was not flattering on Swayer. Here's what I did.

Simple Low Light Photo Tip: Turn off the lights!

I know you're thinking, WHAT?! There is less light out, yet you want me to turn off the lights?! Yet, look at my After photo below (right). All I did was turn off the lamp right above their heads. The light is so much more flattering. The window light that was hitting Sawyer's face is now much more prevalent. By turning off the lamp I was able to get rid of the competing light sources and actually allow my natural light to appear brighter.

Simple Low Light Photo Tip, Photos of Everyday Moments

I challenge you to give this a try. You will be amazed at how much nicer your photos look when you turn off the lights.