If you were to tell me a few weeks ago that one of my most fun shoots would be for two business partners, I would've thought you were nuts. But these two ladies were so much FUN! We headed out to Seattle Center early on a Sunday morning and just played - literally. We started with a beach ball by the fountain!We did take a little break to get a couple of more traditional shots. Aren't these ladies just stunning?I loved that they both had fun colored toe nails! You're never too old to grab your girlfriend's hands and spin in circles! It looked like fun, I wanted to call up my friends too!Of course, there were bubbles, too!Even though the weather was perfect, you can't have a shoot in Seattle without a large umbrella. These ladies even serenaded me with Singing in the Rain while doing the umbrella shots!Ladies, thank you for such an adventure. I could have followed you around all afternoon!

For those of you who are still wondering, yup. Still pregnant! I'm 38 weeks today (yippee!), and I'm READY. If the blog is silent for a few days, or a week, know that I've had the baby and will come back with plenty of photos to share!

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