There is no higher compliment than to refer me to another family. This family was good friends with another family who sadly, moved to D.C! When scheduling this session it seemed as if Mother Nature wanted to determine our location. Just a few days before the session the forecast was for rain, and trying to reschedule a multi-family session is complicated! So I told them to do their sunshine dance and we settled on Gas Works Park in Seattle. It turned out to be the perfect day and the perfect location. Grandpa had so many memories from this park, even where he broke his leg trying to ski down the large hill. There weren't any broken limbs for this trip, though! Something that I have been personally working on is wider shots. I will always be an up close and personal photographer, since I love the intimate feel it creates. However, I'm working on trying to capture more of the surroundings as well. I love how this image turned out. What do you think?I just love this close up of the family. What a fun little boy and adorable little girl! Three of the four cousins decided that the path wasn't needed to climb to the top of the hill.Those look like proud grandparents if I do say so myself. A favorite from the session. You can see how much love and laughter lives with this family. Towards the end of the session the kids were ready for a break. I focused on the parents instead, but the kids and I had another idea. At the last second, they all popped out to "sneak" into the adults only photo!