A few weeks ago, I had a photo session scheduled for around downtown Bellevue. I was a little nervous since the family was driving up from Tacoma for their shoot, and the weather had been poor all day. But, just before the shoot, the sun started shining down on us! These three were super sweet, too. They were getting updated photos of themselves for their mom and dad! I love that!

Sisters! Aren't they just beautiful! It makes me want to take some photos with my "sister" (okay she's a best friend who's like a sister, but still). We added in brother, and I love the contrast of the city in the far distance with the beautiful plant life behind them. Timing could not have been more perfect. The cherry blossoms were so gorgeous, a perfect back drop for this family!

Thank you for walking around Bellevue with me and allowing me to capture your family. I hope your mom and dad love your images!