This past weekend I had the opportunity to team up with Circle River Creations for a  Sweet 16 birthday party! The theme was "white out black light, " which made planning and photographing this event that much more complicated. Things not only had to look good under normal light, but had to look good under black lights as well! It was my first time shooting under black light. It was definitely a challenge, but I'm happy with how the images turned out! The cake was so perfect for the party! It was super cute under normal lighting,

and it looked really cool under the black light!The favors were so cute in the daylight, bright pink wrapping, with a glittery "16".... But they looked even cooler under black light! This is one of my favorite images from the evening. The neon nail polish was a hit and so cute on the birthday girl and her friend.Milo even made an appearance!

Happy Birthday! I hope your party was everything you hoped for!