Another year has come and gone, meaning that Elle is turning 2 this week! It seems like last week I was taking her 1st birthday portraits. She no longer looks like a  baby, but has grown into a beautiful, spunky toddler. For her photo session, her family and I headed to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend. Elle was so full of life, photographing her was a blast. There was no problem capturing her true colors. My favorite moment of the evening was when her mommy pulled out the "secret weapon" - a tie-died t-shirt! Who knew that a 2 year old would get so excited over tie-die, but she did! Family and Friends, to register and view her online gallery when it is available, please click here.

I just love these pictures of Ellie with her Grammie and PopPop!

Excited about her T-shirt!

Did I mention, that they are expecting? We can't wait for the newest addition to arrive this winter!